“War of Ignorance”

Here are my two thesis statements (everything I wanted to say could only be said in 2), which can be summed up simply as a “war of ignorance” (hence, the title).

These are all going to sound very similiar, and they’d flow better if they had an actual paragraph to tie into. I’d write a whole paragraph, but to be honest I cant be bothered to.

1. Violence is definitely an important theme in Baghdad Burning, but it is truly ignorance that is the catalyst for the events in the book. From bringing in Turkish troops to Iraq, to the blatant disregard for other cultures, social barriers created from ignorance have torn Baghdad – and its relations with the U.S – apart.

2. Baghdad Burning is a tale not of suffering or violence, but a living, breathing account of non-concentrated ignorance. From the initial strike, to the hatred and prejudice that followed, it is ignorance, I’ve learned, that has molded and shaped every aspect of this war.


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